Who am I?

Mario Saavedra is an independent journalist based in Madrid. He is a former bureau chief in New York and Beijing for Spanish CNN and Intereconomia. He is specialized in Economy and Politics.

He is a former foreign correspondent in the US and China. He started his career as a TV journalist for Spanish CNN as their Asia correspondent based in Beijing. He joined Spanish Business TV/Radio Intereconomía in 2011 to become their Bureau Chief in New York. He has been the anchor of Informacion Capital (sample here http://tinyurl.com/ovk5vro or here http://tinyurl.com/n8fcjd8 ). He also contributes at esGlobal.org as foreign affairs analyst and at ElConfidencial.com, where he has authored some of its most read articles like Pues yo me vuelvo a España ( http://tinyurl.com/lbgajc9 ) or Qué ha sido de los agoreros del euro (http://tinyurl.com/mdxukyq)

Throughout his career he has reported on major news events for Spain, the US and Latin America: he was one of he last Spanish journalist to interview former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, one of the first reporters to reach the China’s Sichuan earthquake zone in 2008, and Japan’s Tsunami and nuclear crisis in 2011. He has covered ethnic riots, Olympic Games, up-to-the-minute Business news and Politics.

Specialized in International affairs, Saavedra is a current Foreign Policy magazine contributor. He graduated in Theoretical Physics and worked as an e-Business consultant before becoming a journalist. He also completed the most prestigious Masters in Journalism in Spain, by El País newspaper.